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CIHM/ICIVIH Collection de microfiches.

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques

Technical and Bibliographic Notes/Notes techniques et bibliographiques

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original copy available for filming. Features of this copy which may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of the images in the reproduction, or which may significantly change the usual method of filming, are checked below.


Coloured covers/ Couverture de couleur

Covers damaged/ Couverture endommagde

Covers restored and/or laminated/ Couverture restaurde et/ou pellicul6e


Cover title missing/

Le titre de couverture manque

I I Coloured maps/


Cartes gdographiques en couleur

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire)

I I Coloured plates and/or illustrations/


Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur

Bound with other material/ Reli6 avec d'autres documents

FTyl Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion


along interior margin/

La reliure serr6e peut causer de I'ombre ou de la

distortion le long de la marge int6rieure

Blank leaves added during restoration may appear within the text. Whenever possible, these have been omitted from filming/ II se peut que certaines pages blanches ajouties lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte. mais, lorsque cela 6tait possible, ces pages n'ont pas 6t6 film^es.

L'Institut a microfilm^ ie meilleur exemplaire qu'il lui a 6t6 possible de se procurer. Les details de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-dtre uniques du point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite. ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la m^thode normale de filmage sont indiquis ci-dessous.

r~~| Coloured pages/

Pages de couleur

Pages damaged/ Pages endommag6es

Pages restored and/or laminated/ Pages restaurdes et/ou pellicul6es

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ Pages ddcolordes, tachetdes ou piqu6es

Pages detached/ Pages d6tach6es


Showthrough/ Transparence

r~l Quality of print varies/

Quality inigale de I'impression

Includes supplementary material/ Comprend du materiel suppidmentaire


Only edition available/ Seule Edition disponible

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to ensure the best possible image/ Les pages totalement ou partiellement obscurcies par un feuiilet d'errata, une pelure, etc., ont 6t6 filmies d nouveau de fapon & obtenir la meilleure image possible.


Additional comments:/ Commentaires suppl6mentaires;


This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/

Ce document est film6 au taux de reduction indiqu6 ci-dessous.












28X 32X


)laire ts details ques du nt modifier Kiger une ie filmage

d/ c|u6es

The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks to the generosity of:

IMetropoiitan Toronto Library Canadian History Department

The images appearing here are the best quality possible considering the condition and legibility of the original copy and in keeping with the filming contract specifications.

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed beginning with the front cover and ending on the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All other original copies are filmed beginning on the first page with a printed or illuatrated impres- sion, and ending on the last page with a printed or illustrated impression.

The last recorded frame on each microfiche shall contain the symbol ^ (meaning "CON- TINUED"), or the symbol y (meaning "END"), whichever applies.

L'exemplaire film6 fut reproduit grftce d la gAnirositt de:

Metropolitan Toronto Library Canadian History Department

Lea images suivantes ont 6t6 reproduites avec Ie plua grand soin, compte tenu de la condition et de la nettet6 de rexemplaire film6. et en conformity avec lea conditions du contrat de filmaga.

Lea exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en papier eat imprimie sont fiim^a en commenpant par la premier plat et en terminant aoit par la dernidre page qui comporte une empreinte d'impreaaion ou d'illustration, soit par Ie second plat, selon Ie cas. Tous las autres exemplaires originaux sont fiimis en commenpant par la premiere page qui comporte une empreinte d'impreaaion ou d'illustration et en terminant par la dernidre page qui comporte une telle empreinte.

Un des symboles suivants apparaitra sur la dernidre image de cheque microfiche, selon Ie cas: Ie symbols ^> signifie "A SUIVRE", Ie symbols V signifie "FIN".


Mapa, plates, charta, etc., may be filmed at different reduction ratios. Those too large to be entirely Included in one exposure are filmed beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to right and top to bottom, as many fr jT^iea as required. The following diagrams illustrate the method:

Lea cartes, planches, tableaux, etc.. peuvent dtre filmis d des taux de reduction diff^rents. Lorsque Ie document est trop grand pour dtre reproduit en un seul clich6, il est f iimd d partir de I'angle sup^rieur gauche, de gauche d droite, et de haut en bas, en prenant Ie nombre d'images nicossaire. Las diagrammes suivants illuatrent la m6thode.

I by errata med to


une pelure, fa^on d














.»^x"«ir:4»«-S!«.\,'»\ .•*• ,r»>:AV.'VJv.!*.*ftAi >7lK. Ai/

A"-^ **

. J i



GES AND DISCOVERIES OF THE Englifh nation,made by Sea or ouerLaiid,

* to the moH remote attdfartheHdi^ant Quarters of

the earth at any time within the compafle. . *

of theft I so o.jeeres.-Dehided into three


icuerall parts^ccording to the po-

filions of the Krf^'ons whcrun-

lotlicy hcreUirci^cd.


The firft,contcining the perfonall traucls of the Englifli vnto ludda,Syria,A- rahia,the riuer Euphrates, Babylon, Baljara, the Perjian Giilfe, Ormuz, Chau/, Goa,l»dia,znd many Iflaiids adioyning to the South parts of l^4 toge- ther with the like vnto Egvpt, the chicfcft ports and places of Africa with- in and without the Streight oiGibraltar, and about the famous Promon- totieoi BttonaE^eratt^.

The fccondjcomprehending the worthy difcouerics of the Englifh towards the North and Northeaft by Sea;,as o( Lap/and, Scrikfinia, Corei'/a, the Baic ofs. Nicholof jthelUcs oiColgoicue, Vaigats, and 2{oua Zemhla toward the great riuer o^,with the mightie Empire otRuffta, the Cajpian Sczfi eorgia, K^rmema^MeSayPerJidyBoghar in SaltrU^^ diuer s kingdfoms oiTartaria,

The third andlaft>incladingthe Englidi valiant attempts in fearching al- moft all the corners of the vafte and new world oiK^mcrica, from 7 3 .de- crees of Northerly latitude Southward,to Meta IncognitayNewfiundlandt thcmaineofr/r^/»Wjthepointoff/<jr/<i«,theBaieoi"cJ?ffx/V<», all the In- land of 2^«4H/^4W4, the coaft of 7'fr'r4/r«i<«, Brafill, the riuer of P/^i/^jto the Streightof cJW<*?f/6«»; and through it,aud from it in the South Sea to ChiU, PerUyXalifcoy the Gulfe oiCaiifornUy Nona Albion vpon the backHdc oiCanatUy further then euer any Chriftian hitherto hath pierced.

•, Whereunto is added the lalimorirenowmedEngUfljNauigationt

- round about the whole Globe of the Earth.

tjVidi4rdH*klifitMaPer<)fjtttts,andStinientfametimt , !,'

..;.*" ■' I'f Chrift-churchtn Oxh>ri<, '



fmfrintedat London ^yGEOROE Bishop

.^r and Ralph Nevvberie, Deputies to ' i Christopher B a r k b r. Printer to the

Qucene* moft excellent Maicttic.

I Sip.




i 1 '



i^ *.'

•^- Jt

t f

» J 1




iM. 1.



/' 4


ookS!^'>-4v .*,• <^:*.y>r-?v-^./»n&.v* vK \t/



Knight, Principall Sccrctarie to her Maieflie, Chancellor


mop hon ourable Priitie Councell.

I G H T Honorable, I do remember thatbeingayouth, and one ofher Maicdies fcholars at VVeftm inftcr that fniiifull nurfc- ric, it was my happeto viHtthe chamber of M. Richard Haktitjt my cofin , a Gentleman of the Middle TemplCj well knowcnvnto you, atatime when I found lying open vpon his boord certcine bookes of Cofmographie, with an vniucrfall Mappc : he feeing me (omewhat curious in the view therof, began to inftrucl my ignorance, by lliewing me the

___^ diuifion of the earth into three parts after

the oldc account, and then according to the latter, & better diftribution, into morcrhe pointed with his wand to all the knowenSeas,Gulfs,Bayes,Straights, Capes,RiuerSjEmpircs,Kingdomes,Dukedomcs, and Territories of ech part, with declaration alfo of their fpeciall commodities, &particular wants, which by the benefit of traffike, 8.:entercourfe of merchants, are plentifully fupplied. From the Mappe he brought me to the Bible, and turning to the 1 07 Plalme, dircfted mee to the 23 & 24ver(es,wherel rcad,that they which godownc to the fea in Ihipsjand occupy by the great waters,they fee the works of the Lord, andhis woondersin the 3eepe, &:c. Which words of the Prophet together with my coufins difcourle (things of high and rare delight to my yong nature) tooke in me fo deepc an imprelfion , thati conflantly refolued, ifeuer I were preferred to the Vniuerfity, where better time, and more conuenienc place might be miniflred for thefe (Indies, I would by Gods affiftance profccute that knowledge and kinde of literature, the doorcs whereof (aftcrafort) were fo happily opened before me.

According to which my refolution, when, not long after,I was remoued to Chrift-church in Oxford, my exercifes of duety firft performed,! fell to my in- tendedcourfc, and by degrees read oucrwhatfncuer printed or written difco- ucries and voyages I found extant either intheGrceke, Latine, ItaHan, Spa- nifhj Portugall, French, or Englifh languages, and in my publike leftures was the firft, that produced and (newed both the oldc imperfedly compofed, and the new lately reformedMappes,Globcs, Spheares,and other inftruments of this Art for demonftration in the common fcnooles,to the fingular pleafure, and generall contentment of my auditory. In continuance of tirae,and by rea- fon principally ofmyinfight in this ftudy, I grew familiarly acquainted with the chiefell: Captaines at lea, the greateft Merchants, and the beft Mariners of our nation : by which meanes hauing gotten fomewhat more then common knowledge, I paffed at length the narrow feas into France with fir Edward Staf- ford, her Maiefties carefuU and difcreet Ligier, where during my fine yecrcs a- boad with him in his dangerous and chargeable refidencie in her Highnes fer* uicc, I both heard in fpeech, and read in books other nations miraculoufly ex- tolled for their diicoueries and notable enterprifes by fea,but the Englidi of all others for their fluggifh fecurity, and continuall negle(5t of the like attempts e-

* a fpccially



B5 r- I


Ipccially in lo long and happy a time of peace, either ignominioufly reported, or exceedingly condemned : which fmgular opportunity, it fomc other people our neighbors had beene blefled with, their proteftations are often and vehc- mcntjthcy would farre otherwifc haue vfed. And that the trueth and euidencc hcerofmay better appcare, thelearethc very words of Po/'/Z/w^r^ inhisbookc c ailed l! admiral de Frame, and printed at Paris, fol. 73. paj^. 1,2, The occafion of his fpccch is the commendation of the Rhodians,whobeing(as we are)lflan- ders, were excellent in nauigation, whereupon he woondercth muchthatthe Englilli hiould not furpaflc in that qualitie, in this fort : Ce qui m'afaitautrejfois rechercher Us occafiotJS,qut empe/chent,que tes ylnglois^qui ontd' ejprit^e mojens,^ vti- teurajfezfoursaquerirvn grand honeitrfarmitoui Us Chrejiiem^ejc font flusvaloir fur (tUmcnt qui lew eft, ^ doit eftreplns nature I qua autrespeupUs : qui Uur deiuent cederenlaftru£ture, accommodement ^police de nauires : comme t ajveuenplufieurs endroitsfarmieux. Thus both hcaring,and reading the obloquic ofour nation, and finding few or none ofour owne men able to replie heerin : and further,noc feeing any man to haue care to recomend to the world, the induftrious labors, and paincfuU traucls ofour countrey men : for (lopping the mouthes of the rc- prochcrs,my felfe being the lafl winter returned from France with the honora* blc the Lady Shcf!ield,forhcr pafHng good behauior highly cfteemed in all the French court, determined notwithftanding all difficulties, to vndertake the burden of thatworke whcrin all others pretended either ignorance, orlacke of k-afure, orwantof fufficient argument, whereas (toipcakctrucly) the huge toile,and the fmall profit to infue, were the chiefe caufes of the reiufall . I call thcworkc a burden, in confidcrationthat thefe voyages lay fo difperfedjfcattc- red, and hidden in fcuerall huckflcrs hands, that 1 now woonder at my fclte,to fee how I was able to endure the dclayes, curiority,andbackwardne(re ofmany from whom I was to receiue my originals : fo that I haue iuft caufe to make that complaint of the malicioufnes of diucrs in our time , which Plinic made of the

o't'^yitM/L ™^" of his age : yft nos ekhoratays abfiondere atij^ fupprimere cupitau^, c^Jraudarc

'yal^"^"^*" vitametiam alienis bonis, (^c.

To harpe n o longer vpon this ftring,& to fpcake a word of that iuft commen- dation which our nation doe indeed dcfcrue ; it can not be denied, but as in all former ages, they haue bene menfull of adiuity, ftirrers abroadjandfearchcrs of the remote parts of the world, fo in this moft famous and peerlefle goueme- ment ofhcr moft excellent Maiefty, her fubieds through the fpcciall affiftancc, :: v^ and bleffing of God, in fcarching the moitoppofite corners and quarters of the world, and to fpeake plainly, in compaffing the vafte globe of the earth more then once,hauc excelled all the nations and people of the earth. For, which of the kings of this land before her Maiefty, had theyr banners euer feenc in the Cafpianfea? whicho£themhatheuerdealtwiththeEmperorofPerfia,asher Maiefty hath done,and obteined for her merchants large & louin g priuilegc? ? who euer faw before this rcgiment,an EnglilTi Ligier in the ftately porch of the Grand Signor at Conftantinople? who euer found EnglifhConluls & Agents at Tripolis in Syria, at Aleppo, at Babylon, at Balfara,and which is more, who euer heard of EnghOiman at Goabefore now? what En glifli lliippes did heere- tofore euer anker in the mighty riuer of Plate ? pafle and rcpafTe the vnpafTablc (in former opinion) ftraight of Magellan , range along the coaft of Chili, Peru, andallthebackfideofNouaHirpania,furtherthenanyChriftianeuerpafred, traucrs the mighty bredth of the South fea. land vpon the Luzones in defpight

otthecncmy,cnterintoalliance,amity,andtraffifeewiththeprincesofthcMo- Ill"in"'?c '^^ °"3"'»'«'o"Wc the famous Cape of Bona Speranza, ariuc at the lUe of Santa Hclcna,&laft of al teturnc home moft richly lad€ with the c6- ' ' ' " modities

"■S*/^4V *^. *^ AV-'>r 2-v -^ . /t^ ,x^' Vftv ' A

1 H H li 1> I S T L E D H D I C A T O R I H.




moditics of China,as:hcrubici5lsoi this now fioriihing monarchy haiicdi)ne? .—

Lucius Florm in the very end of his hiftoric degciiis Romanorum recordcth as awond^'rlullmiracle,thatthc5'frfjj(whichItakc to be the people ut'Cntkty, or chwa ) (cnt Ambafladors to KomCjto intrcate frindlhip,as moued with the fame ot the maicfty ot the Komanc Empire. And haue not wc as good caufc to admirCjthat the Kings of the Moluccaesy and laua maior, haue defircd the fauour ot her maicrtic , and the commerce & traflikc of her people ? Is it not as ftragc that the borne naturalles ot Japan, and the Philippmaes are here to be (bene , a- greeiiig with our climatCjfpeaking our languagCjiind informing vs of the ftatc of thc-ir Eafterne habitations?For mine owne part,! take it as a pledge of Gods further tauour bothvnto vs and them ; to them cfpecially, vnto whofcdootcs I doubt not in time ilialbe by vs caried the incomparable trcafure of the trueth of Chriftianity, and of the Gofpellswhilc vvc vie and cxercifc common trade with their marchants. I muft confcfle to haue readin the excellent hiftory inti- tuled Origincs oi Ictuses Goropius^z teftimonie oiVm^Henrie the viij.a prince of noble memory jVvhofe intention was once,if death had not preucntcd him, to haue done fome fingular thing in this cafe : whole words fpeaking ofhis dea- ling to that end with himfelfe,he being a flranger,& his hiftory rare,I thought good in this place verbatim to record ; K^ntevmntic^ plus connnosab Henrico^" n<Goroi^ Kncuetto Eqittte '^nglo nomme Regis Henrtci arrum Accept, qui conucnerat , Regio /,;.j j>.,t^j4. Jumptumetotim i^fum, quoad Turcorumcjr Per farum Regum commendationcs , ^ tegationesadmitterentur,pcragratHrHm,Ab hisenim Auohus Afu principihus fuil'e fe mpetraturumfperakit, vt nonfolum tuto mihiper ipfor urn fines liccrci ire, fed ut corn- mcndatione etiamipfirumadconfinia quoquedareturpenetrare . Sumptns quidem non exiguuseratfuturusyfedtantaeratprincipicognofcendi auiditas , vtnullispecunijsad hocttcrnecejfartjsfe diceret parfurum, O Dignum Regia Mate ft ate animumy O mefceli- centyftDetts non ante c^ Knettettum (^ Regem ahftuti[fet,quam reuerftu ab hac peregrin »4r/o»f///^»i;,e^f.Butasthepurpofe of Dauidthekingto buildeahoufc and templeto God was accepted, although Salomon performed it:fo I make no quertion, but that the Male in this matter of the aforefaid nioft rcnowmcd prince may fecme no lefle worthy (in his kinde) ofacceptation,although rcfer- ucd for the pcrfon of our Salomon her gratious Maiefty, whome I feare not to pronounce to haue rcceiued the fame Heroicall fpiritjand mofthonorable dif- pofition, as an inheritance from her famous father.

Now wheras I haue alwayes noted your wifdomc to h auc had a fpeciall care of the honor of her Maiefty, the good reputation of our country, & the aduan-

cingofnauigation,theverywallesofthisourIfland,astheoracleisreportedtOpj„„,,.,,i haue fpoken of the fca forces of Athens.-and whereas I acknowledge in all duti- the i.fc ..t'" full fort how honorably both by your letter and fpcech I haue bene animated in. Tl":mirto, this and other my trauels, I fee my felfe bound to make prefentmentofthis '^"' workc to your felfe, as the fruits of your owne incouragcments, & the manife- flation both of my vnfained feruice to my prince and country, and of my parti- cular duty to your honour: which I haue done with the lefle fufpition cither of not I'atisfying the worldjor of not anfwering your owne expeftation, in that ac- cordin g to your order, it hath paffcd the fight,and partly alfo the cenfurc of the learned phifician M.Doaorlames, a man many waycs very notably qualified. And thus bcreechingGod,tht giuer of all true honor Siwifdome toincreafc both ihcfcblcffingsinyou, with continuance of health, ftrcngtbjhappineflc, andwhacfoeuer good thing els your felfe can wirti, 1 humbly take mylcaue. London the 1 7 of Noucmbcr,

Tour honors moH humble alwayes to be "^ ' •*'' commanded KiCHAKD Haklvyt.


Richard Hakluy t to the fauourable Reader.

I Haue thought it<very requifttefor thy further inUmSlU

\oH anddireUioHitt this hiftom( Good Ktiider) to acejuaint thee hritflie rrith the Methode and order which I haue vfid in the whole courfe there- ' of: and by the way al[o to let thee vnderilandiy whofe friendly aide m this \mitraHcllIhaMehenefnrthered:ack»owted^irifi that ancient flieMhtoht \ no le(fe true then ingenioiu.that the offence is great. Noil agnolccrc per , qiios profcccris, not to [j/eake ofthtm by whom a man in hisindcHours is

Concerning my proceeding therefore in thisprefe/it u'orke,it hath bene t his. IVhatfoeMertefiimonie IhaHefoMndin um amhow ofauthoritic appertaining to my argument, either panger or natttrall, I haue recorded the fame vtrdfor word,mth his particular name and page ofbookf r. here it is extant, Jf the fame were not reduced into our common language, IhauefirSi e.vprelfed it in the fame termet wherein it u originally written, whether it were a Laiine, Italian, Spai/ijh or Portingalldifcourfe, or whatfoeuer els ,^d thereunto in the ne.xt roome haue anne. ved thcjiguification and tranflation of tlx wordesin Englijb. <t/fndto the endc that thofe men iv/jich were the paynefu/land perfonalltrauellers might reape that good opinion and iust commendation nhich they haue deferued, andfHrther,that enerj man might anfwere for himfelfe, iuslifie his reports.andflandaccoumablefor his owne doings, I hauereferredeuery voyage tohu ytuthar,whichboihinperf0nhathpcrformed,andinwritinghath left the fame : far lam not ignorant ofTtolomies afertion, that Percgrinatioiiis hiftoria, andnet thofe wearte volumes bearing the titles ofvniuerfall Cofmographie n hichfome me that I could name hoHefubliflied as their cmne,beyng in deedmofl vntruly and vnprofitablie ramajfed andhierled toftm ther, is that which mufl bring vs to the certayne and full difcouerte of the world.

tJHoreouer, I meddle in this worke with th: N ligations onely of our orrne nation : And albeit I alleage in a few places (as the matter amloccajion required) fame flrangers as witneffes of the things done,jet are they none but fuch as either fajthfully remember , or fuffcicHtly confrmethe tranels of mr orvnepeople : )fwhom(tofpeal(etrHeth)fhauereceiuedmorelighttnfomereJpeils, the» all our owne Historian < could affbord me in this cafe, Bale, Foxe,^d Eden onely excepted.

t/1nditisati:ingwithall principal^ tobeconfideredfhat Iflandmt vponanj aSlion perfonrmed neere home, nor in a/.y part of Europe commonly frequeutedby our flipping, as for e sample Not vp' en that viBorioHt exploit not longfince atchiet4edin ournarow Seas agaynH that monitrous Spanijb Army vnder the valiant and prouidtnt conduil of the right honourable the lord Charles Howard high Admirallof England: Nottfonthe good feruicesof our twotvoorthie Generals in their late Ports*' gall expedition : Notvponthe two moFt fortunate attempts of our famous Chieftaine Sir Fratmctt £>rake,theoneintheBaieofCalesvponagreatpartoftheenimies chiefefl /hippes, the other neert the Iflands vpon the great Carrackjfthe East India,the firil (though per aduenture not the lafl) of that imployment,thateuerdifcharged Molucca fpices in Englijh partes: thefe (albeit ftngular and happy voyages of our renonmcd countrymen) I omit, as things diHinB and without the compaffe of my frefcribedlimitesjbeyngneither ofremote length and Jpacioujnejfe, neither offearchand dij'couerie efftrange coaUs,the chiefe fubieii of this my labour. ,

Thus much in bremtiejhallferue thee for the generallorder. Particularlie Ihauedifpofed and di~ geftedthewholeworkeintospartes,orasitwere Clzffes,not without mrreafons. fnthefSrfU haut martialled all our voyages of any moment that haue bene performed to the South and SoutheaSl parts of the worldjy which I chiefly meane that part oftsAfta which is neerefl.and of the refi hithermolt to~ wards vs .• For [find that the oldeU trauels as well of the ancient Br i tains /ts of the Snglijh,were ordi- tiarie to ludea which ts in Afia, terrnedby them the Holy la»d,principallyfor deuotions fake according to the time, although [read in loleph Bengorion a very authenttcall Hebrew author, a teflimonie ofthepapngof2cooo.Britainsva/iaMtfou!dioHrs,totheJiegeandfearefullfac^ngof[erufalemvn^ der the conduU ofVcfpafian and 7 tttu the Romane Emperour, a thing in deed of all the refl mofl an- cient. But oflatterdayes [fee ourmen haue pie>C(d further into the SaU, haue pajfed downe tha mightie riuer Euphrates, haue fay led from Balfara through the Perfian gulfe to the Citie of Ormuz., Mtdfrom thence to Chauland Goa in the EaJl [ndia, which paffages written by the parties themfeluet are herein to be read.To thefe I haue added the Nauigations of the Snglifh made for the parts ofA- fiica^ either within or without the fir eights of Gibraltar : xrithin, to Conflaminople in Romania, to AlexandriA/mdCajro in Egypt, to Tunez.,to Goletta,to Malta,to Algier, andto Tripolis in Bar- kary : withoiu,to Santa Crtu^to Afafi,to the citie ofdiarocco/o the Riuer ofS<nega, to the [fits of


Jt » V -w./k;^ ,v

To the Reader.

C4fer*rde, teCmtiea, toBtn^it, mdromd about the drtAdfullCtpffbmaSftraMt^, at jtirrt


Th'tHorth/tMdNorihtaflertie vajagei of om nation I kaHefT»dtKed'mthelttofiipUce,ytc«Mfe «w Mctffc to thofe amrttrsofthe world it UttrandnotfoamiettHtai the former; andutfime ofoitr trattaites that wa; be of more amicjuitie hi many hundred jeerei, then thofe that hame bene made thevefternecoajles ofhvMxxczynderthu title thou JhMtJirfifindeihe oldnartherne Namgaiiom •foto- Trittifh Kings, at »/Arthur, o/Malgo, of Edgar Pacificus the Saxon tAtonarch, mth that n^tf/Nicholaiis dc Lmnivnder the north pole: next totheminconfeqnenee,thedtfcotieriejofthe kay of Saint NicholajfifColgoienefif Pechora,of the Ifleiofyaigatt/)fNoMaZefnl>la,tndoftheSea talhards tmardes the riner of Ob: after ihu, the opening bjfea of the great Dukedome^nd Empire tfRt^ia,vith the notable andflrangeiottrnej of Majier Icnkinlbn /^#f *4r inBalhia. Where- $mtothoM maifladdejixe of our voyages eleMenhnndredverfies "jpagMnjtthe flreame ofDwinato the tiMnc ofKologhda: thence one hMndred,andfourefiore verges by land to Teraflaueflanding vpon the mirhn riucr of Volga: there hence aboue two thoHfandandjine hundred ver/lsdairne the/heamt to the ancient marte Torcne of A fir ac an, andfi to tlie manifotde mouthes of Volga, and from thence a/fobj p»p oner the Cajpianfea into Media, andfwrther then that alfowith Camels vnto Georgia, ^rmenia,Hyrcania,GilUH,andthicheefeJi Cities of the Empire of Tcr fa: wherein the Companie ofMofcowe Mtrchantj to the perpetuall honor of their Citie, andfoaelie,haueperformedmore theft any one yea then all the nations of Europe befdes: which thing is alfo acknowledged by the mofl lear- ned Cofmographers, and Htfloriographers of Chriflendeme,with whofe honorable teflimonies of the ailion,not many far number, but fi^ient for authoritie /haue concluded thiifecond part.

Touching the weJlerneNauigations, andtrauailes of ours, thejfucceede naturallie in the third and iafiroomct forafmuchai in order and ceurfe thofe coafles, andtjuartertcamelaffofaUtoour know- ledge and experience. Herein thoujhalt readeJhe attempt by Sea of the fonne of one of the 'Princes ofKlorthwalesyinfaylingandfearching towards the wefi more then ^oe.yetresjmce.-the offer mad* h Chriltopho Columbus tbat renowned Genoucys y the tuoflfiige Prince of noble memorie King Henrie the /.with his prompt and cheerefidlaeceptatm thereof, and the occajton whereupon it be- camefruitleffe,andatthattimeofno great effeiltothtskingdome: thenfoltowe the letters Patentet ofthefiirefaidnoble Prince giuen to lohn Cabot a Venetian and hit j.fmmetjto difcouer dr conquer in bu name^ftndvnder his 'Banners vnknawen Regions:who with that rojaUincouragement (fr eomribit- tioH of the king himfelfe,andfome affifiiince in charges of£ngliJb Afar chants departed \with s.failes R<*«« from the Port ofBrifioll accompainedwsth 300. Englifhmen, and fir ft of any Chriflians foimd out that mightieandlarge trail of lande and Sea, fromthe circle tArBicke at farre asV\oi\Ai,as op. *" peareth in the difcourfe thereof. The triumphant raigne of King Henry the S.y elded fome p> ofecuti- onofthisdifcouerie: for the j.voyages performed, and the 4. intendedforall M\zbj his Maiejiiet felfe, doapprooueandconfirme thefame.Thenin ^oceffe ofyeeres arifeth thefirfl Entlifh trade to ■^ Bra(iII, the firjlpajfingof fome ofour nation in the ordtnarie Spanijh fleetes to the wefi Indies, and the huge Citieof Mexico inNo\izU\(pan\3.7henimmediatlyeenfues.V(yagesmade by L^[./ohM Hawkins now Knight, then E/quire,toHi(pinioh,andthe gnlfe of Mexico : vpon which depend* fixe verie excellent difcourfes ofour men, whereof fome far ly-or 1 S.wholeyeeres inhabited in New Spaine, andrangedthewhole^ountrie,whereinaredtfclofedthecheefefifecretesofthewejilndia^ which may in time turne to our no fmaladtiantage. The next leaues thou turnefi, doyeelde thee the firfi valiant enterprife of Sir VmncitDrike vponNomhre deDios, the mules laden with trea~ Jiire which he furprifed, andthehoufe called the Cmzes, which hi/ fire confumed:and therewith is ioynedan oElion more venterous then happie of lohn Oxnam ofPlimmouth written/md confeffedby a Spanyard,which with his companie ptffedouer the fireight Jfime of Dztien, andbuildingcertatne ' pinnejfes on the weft ^ware, was thefirfl Englifbman that entered the South feaTopajfe ouer fjifafier Frobtfljer and hisailions, which! haue alfo newly though briefely printed, andus itwere reuiued, whatfoeuer Mafler lohn "Dauis hath performed in continuing that difcone>y,which Mafier Frobifuer began for the nothwefipaffxge, I haue faithfully at large communicated it nith thee, that fo the great foodh}pe,^fingularpri)bi£ilities (^ almofi certaintie therof, which by his indufhy haue rtfenynay be knowen generally of allme»,thatfome mayyetfiillprofecutefo noble an oHion^ Sir Hiimfrcy Gilbert, that cowagious Knight,andvery expert in the mjfleries ofNauigation amongfi the refi is not forgot- ten: his learnedreafons (^ arguments for the proofs of thepaffage befisre namedjtogelher withhis lafl more commendable refolution then fortunate fucceffe, are here both to be read. The continuance of the bifiorie, prodticeth the beginnings, andproceedings of the two Englifh Colonies planted in Virginia M the charges of firWiker R3.leigh,whofe entrance vponthofe neweinhahitationshadbene hap- fi*,ifft had ben at femioufiy followed, as it wot cheerefdly vmUnaken, I could not emit in this parte

\ 4 .»**


To the Reader.

iljttffe voj4f^tsm4dt notUnf^JincttelhtStttthwtfl, whceof lihmkfihc SfonjiMrd hath had [ime hTwIedtt, and felt Jimr l>hnei:ihe one vf Af^fier Biiwird Fcnton, and hu con fart Af after Luke XWaxdcithe ether cfMtfttr Robert Whhrm^ton.and hishardteconfirt Afafter Chrirtophcr Lifter as font m 44. dtfrtts offottthtrlj latitude, fti out at the dneClioM and charge ef the right ho. leerable the Sarle effumler/andMh which ih diners rejfecle! majyelde bothfreftte atidfleafkri to the reader, being carefti//y pem/ed.

For the conclufm ofa/iyihe memorable voyage of Afafter Tliomas Candifti into the SoMh fetty and from thence atom t he g/ebeef the earth doth fatufiemee, and I doubt not bm mil fully content thee.rvhwhat in tityeitu'laterthen that efSir Frauncis Drakcj/« inrelation ofihePhiliffiuaesJa- pan,China,and the IJIeofS.IIelenaitu more particular^dexaihandtherfore the trant of the firfl made bf Sir¥iMnc\sDii\iCwHlbethe lefe: vtherein I mufl confejfeto haue taken mere then ordt- ndriefaines, meaning to hone infert edit inthu work;: but beingof late (cmtrarytomyexpeclati. en)ferioHfy deltvfithall.not te anticipate or preuent another mans Mines and charge in drawinf allthcfiruicesofth4tworthie Knight into onevoiume, I haue yeeldedvnte thofemyfeindes nhich preffed me in the matter, referring the further know/edge of his preceedtnget, to thefe intended difcourfes,

J^ow for the other part ofmypromife, Imuflcrauethy further patience frendff reader, andfome longer fufpence from the tr orke it fe If e, in acquainting thee with thofi vertuous gentlemen, andothers which paril) for their priuate affcchon to myfelfejbut chiefelyfor their deuotion to the furtherance of this my trauaile, hauey elded me their feuerallgood affl fiances: fir laccompt him vnmerthy of future faunurs, that is not thankgfull for former benefites. In rejpetl ofagenerallincouragemeni in this la~ borieui trauaile,ittvere grojfe ingratitude inmee to forget, andvcilfullmalicioufnes not to confejfe that man, whofi onely name doth carrie rrith itfufficient eflimatiou andloue, and that is A/after Ed- ward DicT,efifhom I vtillfpeake thus much in few wordes, that both myfelfe andmy intentions herein by his frendlymeanes haue bene made knoivne to thofe, who in fundrie particulars haite much ftecded me. Morejfecially in myfirftpart, Afafter 'Richard St apt r Afarchant ef London, hath fsernifljedme mth diners t hinges touching the trade ofTurkie/ind other places in the Sail. Afafter William lim-'. ro\rgh, Clarkf of her Afaiefliesnauic, and Afafter Anthonie Ienkinfon,both gentlemen of great experience /ind obferualionsin the north Regions, haue much pleafured me in the ficond part. In the third and la/ibeftdes myneowne extrecme trauaile in the hiflories of the Spanjards^ cheefefl light hath beHerecetuedfiomSirl6hnH3.vihns,SirWa.lKtKa.Wigh, and my kinfcman <JYtdHer Ui- chard Hakluyt of the middle Temple.

Andwhereasinthecourfe ofthishiflory often mention is made of many beaBes,birds,fipjes,fer- fents,plants,fiuits,hearbes, rootes, apparell, armour, boates, andfuch other rare andftrange curiofi. ties, which wife men taks great plf*tf>*re to reade of, but much ma>e contentment to fee : herein I my felfe to mjftng uler delight haue bene as it were raseifisedin beholding all the premifes gathered tog e- iher with nofmallcoFt, andpreferucd with no title diligence,in the excellent Qdnnets of my very wor- JhipfuIlandlearnedfriendsAT.Kklwd Gixthcyoneefthe ofthepettie Bags,aMd At. Wil- liam Cope Gentleman VJfier to the right Honourable and mt^ prudent Cewi feller ( theS cncca of ourcommin wealth,) the Lord Burlcigh,A/g/& Treafourer of England.

Nowe, becaufe peraduenture it would bee expeEledasnecejfarie, that the defcriptions effi many parts oftheworldwouldfarre more eafily be conceiuedof the Readers, by adding Geographicall, and Hjdrographicall tables thereunto, thou art by the way to be admonijhed that I haue contentedmj felfe rrith infertingintotheworke one oftheklfigenerallmappes of thewerldonely,vntillthecommingeut of avery large andmoslexaEl terreftriallGlobe^oUeaed and reformed according to theneweft.fe-

. '^>'"f^.''»<i^"fendifcoueries,bothSpanip},'Portugall^dEngliJh,compofedbyAI.Emmcue Mol-

ported by thepurfeandliberalitieoftheworfhipfiillmarchantAt.WiirmnSzndetCon.

This being thefumme of thofc things which I thought good to admonifl, thee of (good Reader) it remaintth that thou take the profile andDleafme efthe warke .- which Iwijh to bee



•.>\v.t,v^Vv4*?^''.-. . . .

'^^^'fi ./ii'i

AS great to thee, asmypasnes andlabourhaue bene in bringing thefe rawefrnits vnto this ripenejfe,and in reducing thefe loofe

papers into this order. Farewell,


V .*

VX A'nOATIMIAj BPETTANffN HONHMA Pi;^«fJ 1* A*^^»^»,'^'}u» (. B£,»^t i«.

/^'atsi }«» J;^im ;?gf7ii irec iKTii^i,nn

I'iifii;<ain;;tiir /. <«riir,Ai^i-Tii*n, T4Ti»</J' ku t^jiWfti xMiTB, uAi/T^t A'aXyiitt




ICnoia miJlaiei,co» foe o honor e SepultaneiC ofcHre,antKhe carle f S'alctm def^limiei coajfefa it arte Nofihaucjft barfcofertotlmioj^kndore, Ramufiopria^teno d'ardefiteamore Afanrfejio/emiepittricheparte^ Che fan la doue il Maragnon difarte, E doue il Negro allaga, elGai-jgeJcorre. }i.ikl»jtopoi fenKM verutt rifguardo . Difatkaodidamtoaccoli huinjieme, :

Cih c ha potuto hatter da Typhi IngUji, Oiidevedrajfte dotielicllafguardo, yia'J)uHinaa^hiaccia,erObifiem(, El altri membri miei »on benpateji.

h exim'tum opus ^ Hakiuytide An- glorum ad difiunftiilinias rcgi-

oMcs naHigationiliHs G iiilielmi Camdeni Hexadidion.

ANglia qurpcnitus toto difcluditur orbe, Angulus orbis crat,paruus & orbis crar. Nunc cum icpofitos alios detexerit oibcs, ' Maximus orbi9honos,Orbis & orbis crit. At quid Haklute tibi tnonlhanti hare debeat oibis? LaustU3jCredemihi,non crit orbe minor.

<^ In pulclierrimam & jDras- Aantifsimam nauigacionum An-

ghrnm^'- *1">D .Rtch.irdik Uahlttjtifwnmoflu- <liu&:tidcclibnraiani,Phi]ij)pilonclij ;

E'i^ravmu. :

"LJ Ifloria J vcteriim celebres rtace ruemeSj !

•'• •*■ Supponcisfulcitviribut AHnius:

Ncmpc vt lalua forcnttocpril'ca\ci!u[Tiina,Romar

Inlliuiurlumptu Bitiliothcca fiio. AfiniiimConful fcquiiur pod Appius,aH;iis

Inip.u,par (ludi)s mgenio^', fuit : Mattia RonntliiJuni Bcllonx ancilia ilicac :

Sic vixilFc piiccs ({uos petijirc piius. Approbath iiici!liiDi(]ipijcenfuraSi'natus:

Laus ftia Tors illi cft,Appie palma tibi. Scilicet ingcnia ampIcAi non vltima virtus ;

At magnum eft vrbcm quicquid lioncftat opus. Ecc c alio tandem nmilisconcingcrevifacfl

Nomine matcrics,iudiciumq', fubit. ,

Quifcciircolimconftatjbcncfccitlidcnus: ;

Vtilit ilia Uccas proftat vbiq, fua: ;

SplendiiJa magnanimiim profcrtinccpta virorum '

Oc ciduis na^i qui fibi nomcn aquii. llliq; dum profcrt pcccat : namq; cxtcra profcit:

F.xtcrnumq. decusprxdicatillaDccas. Hinc HakUitctuus furgitdoftiflTimcmaiur i

Splcndor,quo patrij eft maior honoris amqf. ; Ccniurias nobis Ncpiunia fa Aa : Britaniii j

Ilia quidcm noftri Iblaq, facia foli. j

Qi[xq;diulqualidislatucrcocchifa(cnebriB j

Luniine ftrlicf tota rcclufa patent. ;

Quxq; din foIi)s manfcre infcripta folutis, ,

In proprias clalfcs tota coada placent. L

Tota coada placcnt,quid torue fuperbis Iberc,

Improba vicinis gens maccrata boms } ;

Intrcpid.x Anglorum claflls qux nauita,Duxq; '

Prxftitit,hic oculis func inanifcfta tuis. |

Qiixaiioquc fatVuros itcrumq; itcrumq: lubenteit

Iir^omptu prxfcns vacicinaiur opus. Commoda prxtcrco : fcnfatus Hngula IcAor '

Scntict : atquc vltra quicquid incft placidi. ' Dcniqucdclciflisfitiudcxxquus : Edcnus ,'

Prxniia, ledprimasHalduytiftefcrct. ' :

. I J I

., BufdemdiWchorL ,^\

I lie modo Kifpantts tamidus qui tempfcrit Anglos, ''' Anglorum .-\tconitu$nutM:videtiftudoput. i









The order of all the voyages comprifed in this whole worke in

ffuerall, together with the names oftheperfom,the jfuthowrs of them,

and the annotations of the courfeof yccres and quarters of the

worlde,whcrcm they were pcrfourmed.


The Voyages ofthefirjl part tnade to the South and

^ SoMheafiregiofUt

He voyage of Helena, the Empreffe, daughter of Coelus Kingof Britainc, tnci

mother of Conftantine the great,to Ieru»lem. Anno 337. Pagina i .a

The voyage of Conltantine the great,Emperour and King of Britaine, into

Greece, Egypt,Perfia,and Afia. An. 339. a.5

3 The voyi^e of Pelagius Cambrius vnder Maxiinus King of the Britaines iaco Egypt,

andSyria.An.390. i-^

^ The voyage oHohnErigen vnder Alphred to Athens.An.858. 4

5 The voyage of Andrew Whiteman, alias Leucander, vnder Canucus the Dane to Pale-

fliHa.An.1020. 5

6- The voyage of Athelardc ofBathe vnder H. the firft to Egypt, & Arabia.An. 1 1 3 O. y

7 The voyage ofWiiliam Archbi(hoppe ofTyre,vnder Hentie the firll to Hierufalem,and

the cittic of Tyre inPhanice. An.i 132. 5.5

C The voyage of Robert KecenenHs vnder King Steuen, to Dalmatia, Grcecc,and Afia.

Aii.rT43. 6

9 The voyage ofRichard the Hrft King ofEngland into Afia for the recouetie of lerufalem out of the hands of the Sarracens. Anno. 1 1 9 0 . 6

10 The voyage ofBaldwuieArchbi/hop of Canterburie, into Syria and Palcftina with king Richard. An. 1 190. X4

1 1 The voyage ofRichard furnamed C4fio:ticm,yadct king Richard into Syria and Paleftina. An. 1 190. 15

1 1 The voyage of Cmlitlmm furnamed 'Ptrtgrinm, vnder king Richard alTo into Paleftina. An. 1 1 90. I J

1 3 The voyage of Hubert Walter, bifliop of Sarum, vnder king Richard alfo into Syria An. 1 190. \6

14 The voyage of Robert Curfon a noble man ofEngland, andcardinall,vndcrHeniy the third to Damiata in Aegypt. An. 1 2 1 8. 17

1 y The voyage ofRainulte Glanuill a valiant noble man, and Etrle of Chefter, vndet Henric the third to Damiata in Aegypt alfo. An. 1 2 1 8. 17

1 6 The voyage of William Longcfpce,in Englilli Longfword, a noble man ofEngland into Aegypt and Afia, with LewestheFrenchkine. An. 11248. 17.18

1 7 The voyage of prince Edward, the fonne ofking Henrie the third into Afia. An,U70,2O

1 8 The voyage of Robert Tumeham.vnder y fayd Prince Edward into Syria.An.i 270. 23

19 The voyageoflohn Mandeuil knight in Latin, begun in the raigneofEdwarde the 2. Anno. 1322. continued for the fpace of 3 3 . yecre$,and ended in the raigne of Edward the 3 .from England to Iudea,and from thence to India,Chma,Tartaria, and as fane as 3 3 . de- grees to the fouth ofthe AEquinodtiall. 2 5

20 The voyage of Machanj,the firtt difcouerer of the Ifland ofMadera, vnder Edward the third. An. I J 44. g^

a X The voyage ofThomas Windam vnder Edward the 6. to Guinea.and the kinpdome ofBcnin.An.i;y3. " g,

The voyage ofRobertGaynfli vnder Queene Mary to Guinea. An. I J 54. 89

»3 The voyage of William Towerfonmarchant of London, vnder QueeneMarrtoGui-

nea.An.i$5 5. ^- 98

14 The voyage of WiUiamTowerfon aforefaid,thc fecond time to Guinea,and the Caf*le 0fM1na.An.ij56. jjj

ay Thevoyagc of WiUiamTowerfon aforefayd, the third time to the coaftc of Guinea, and the rmer of Scftos. An. 1 y y 7. , ^^

a<S The firft voyage of RobertBakerioGuinea.An. I y<Ji. xjo

»7 ThevoyageofthefaydRobettBakettoGuinwihefcconatimc,An.ijtf3, ijj

%% The



ivorke in





Britaine, into

es into Egypt, 3-4

Dane to Pale-


^n.ii^o. J



:ece,and Aiia.

6 ieofletufalem

6 ftina with king










. '7


17.X8 ia. An. 1 270,20 a.An.1270. 23 Edwardethe2. ; of Edward the

det Ed ward the 80

dthekingdome ^ 85

54. ^^9




oafte of Guinea. tio



28 The voyage ofGcorgcFcnncr,toGuinic,& to thclflandsof Cape Vcrdc.An.i 566. 14a

2p The voyage of Thomas Stceucns, round about the Cape of Bona Speranx^, to Goa in the

EartIndia.An.1j79. 1^0

30 The voyage of Laurence Aldcrfey,to the cities of Icrufalem & Tripolis. An.l 581 . 1 77 ji ThevoyagcofWiiliainHuddiCjtoRioGrandciiiGuiniCjfct outby Edward Cottonof

Southhamcon.An.158^. 187

3 1 The voyage of Zacheus Hellicr, in the lefus of London to Tripolis in Barbarie.An. 1 584.


33 The voyage of lohn New bcric,andRalfc Fitche, to Tripolis in Syria, Aleppo, Babylon, Balfara,Orinuz,Goa.An.i 585. ao8

34 The voyage of lohn Euefham into Egypt. An.ijSd. 222

35 The voyage ofLautcnceAlderfcy, to the cities ot Alexandria, and Cairo in Egypt. An. 158<J. 324

3 6 The voyage of Edward Wilkinfon, with the Marchanc Royall to Tripolis in Syux Anno 1 586. ' 227

37 The voyage oflohnEldredjto Tripolis in Syria by fca, andfronithenceby landcandri- uer to Baby!on,and B3lfar3«An.i 585. 231

38 The late voyage of Anthonic Ingrain and his companie,to the kingdome and cittie of Bcnyn in Africa. An.i 588. 818.

Tl>e jfmhajfages^Letters^rmkges^and other necejjam matters ofcir*

cuinrtance appertaining to the » . yages of ihc tirff part.

N annotation concerning the voyage of Baldwinc Archbifliopof Cametburie, cakenout of G*- r.iUut Cimihrenfis in his Itinerorium Ca»ibri.e. P<'5«I4

The life ofSir lohn Mandeuil knight, written by M.Balc. ^ »J

The tombc and Epitaph of Sir lohn Mandcuill in the citie of Liege noted by Onelius in his Iti- Vir.rr'mm Bel^. »4

i ThededicationofhisvoyagetokingEdwardthej. *f

r An admonition of Richard Hakluyt touching the new impreflion and purgation of MandeuiL 77

6 Certaine places alleaged out of the natural! niftorieofPUnie agreeing with Mandetiil in his reports of the diuers (hapcs of mett. 77

7 A note concerning the aide and afliftar ;e ofEnglifli merchants giuen to king lohn the firft of Portugal] for the winning of Ceut in Barbaric. 79

8 The ambaflage of lohn the z. of Portugal! fent to Edward the 4.king of England, to (lay lohn Tintam and William Fabian Enghlhmen,prepating for a voyage to Guinie. 81

9 The maner of emnng of Solitnan the great Turkc, with his armie into Aleppo in Syria, marching into Per* fiaagainft the great Sophie. 8t

10 The prefents giuen to the great rurkeatthat time by his Ba(haes,and the Venetian Confulin Tripolis. 8k I f The fafe conduft giuen by the great Turkc to Anthonie lenkinfon at Aleppo in Syria. 81

15 A briefe defcription of Africa. 84

13 The commodities and wares that are moft defired in Guinie betwixt Sierra Lcona,and the fiirthcfl place of the Mine. 130

14 ThewoorthiefntcrpiileoflohnFoxe, indeliueringitftf.Chriftiansoutofthe captiuitie of the Turkcs at Alexandria. 150

If The Ambalfage ofEdmund Hogan merchant of London and fworne EfquierofherMaieftiesperfon, from her higlmcfleto MuUy ALidclmelek Emperout of Marocco,andking of Fc^and Sus. 1 5^

16 T Ik letters of the great Turke fent to the Quecnes mod excellent Maicftie from Conftantinople. 1 6^

17 The letters oftlieQuccrtcsMaicilie to the great Turke in anfwerc of his